Radiesse Filler Injections

What are Radiesse Filler Injections?

radiesse-before-and-after-gallery Radiesse Filler Injections Houston DermatologistRadiesse is calcium and phosphate mineral based advanced dermal filler designed to reducing facial wrinkles and folds by replacing depleted volume from the face. This FDA approved cosmetic filler adds instant volume to the targeted areas of the face and provides an overall subtle lift that helps smooth out the conspicuous facial signs of aging.

The prudent and dignified Texas Surgical Dermatology, led by innovative board certified dermatologists Dr. Tri H. Nguyen and Dr. George Hughes III, provides Radiesse filler injections to patients in Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and surrounding locations.

Effective and Long-Lasting Results

Radiesse has a unique ability to support the weakened skin structure of the face. It also stimulates the production of natural collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, which helps the skin sustain the effects of rejuvenation for up to a year or more. Radiesse gel is made of calcium based microspheres that work to plump the skin and replenish lost volume.

Several clinical studies have been conducted to show the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of Radiesse when the treatment is performed on a suitable candidate at a recognized dermatology practice.

Areas Treated

Radiesse injectable filler treatment is designed for sub-dermal implantation to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. Radiesse gel not only adds volume to the skin as it reaches the deeper skin layers, but it also acts as a stimulant to promote the production of fresh collagen in the skin.

This ensures more natural looking results as the skin gains in strength and elasticity gradually from within. A dermatologist may recommend Radiesse for the treatment of marionette lines, laugh lines, oral commissure, chin wrinkles, and pre-jowl area on either side of the chin.

Aesthetic Benefits

Some of the key benefits of Radiesse dermal filler treatment may include:

  • Instant replenishment of the depleted facial volume
  • Fresh production of body’s natural collagen due to stimulation with Radiesse gel
  • Longer lasting results compared to most facial fillers
  • Higher patient satisfaction in comparison to most other fillers, according to studies
  • Radiesse mixed with lidocaine ensures that the patient remains comfortable through the treatment

As soon as Radiesse filler gel reaches the deeper layers of the skin through direct injecting, it begins to add volume immediately to the skin that has suffered from volume depletion. Secondly, Radiesse has a unique property to act as a scaffold under the skin to fortify the skin structure.

How does it work?

Radiesse volumizing filler is made up of thousands of calcium-based microspheres that are suspended in a water-based gel. These microspheres are compatible with the minerals that are found naturally in the body, which makes it a biocompatible treatment.

As this gel is injected into the depleted, sagging or wrinkled areas of the face, the microspheres get absorbed in the body gradually, and stimulate natural collagen.

A perceptive and fabulous Radiesse provider will ensure that the right amount of treatment is injected into the precise target points to achieve optimal facial rejuvenation. Texas Surgical Dermatology receives patients from Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and other communities and neighborhoods in this region of the country for Radiesse.

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