How much does Radiesse Facial Filler cost?

Radiesse Facial Filler

radiesse-before-and-after-images How much does Radiesse Facial Filler cost? Houston DermatologistRadiesse is considered among the more advanced dermal filler injections to mitigate aging signs from the face and volumize the depleted facial sites.

This FDA approved injectable dermatology procedure is now chosen by thousands of patients every year in the US. During the initial consultation, the treatment provider will explain all about the Radiesse filler, including its costs.

Patients should feel free to ask questions related to the costs, and compare the monetary amount of Radiesse with other treatment options before making a final decision.

Texas Surgical Dermatology, led by board certified dermatologists Dr. Tri H. Nguyen and Dr. George Hughes III, provides Radiesse filler injections to patients in Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and other cities and towns in the amazing state of Texas.

Cost Comparison with Surgery

Many people are bothered by the growing signs of aging on their face and want to restore a youthful appearance. However, not every patient may be ready to undergo an invasive procedure such as a facelift, facial implants or facial grafting. Elective surgeries are not covered under medical insurance, and will typically cost higher than any non-surgical treatment.

Radiesse injectable filler treatment can prove to be a cost-effective solution, which is much more affordable than a surgical treatment. The dermatology treatment will avoid the costs typically associated with a surgery, such as costs of anesthesia, surgical facility costs, fee of the plastic surgeon, and post-surgical expenses. Radiesse injections are a simple, safe and affordable treatment in comparison.

Price Tag Comparison with Other Facial Fillers

In absolute terms, the cost of Radiesse volumizing filler may be similar or slightly higher than some of the other competing fillers available today. However, the overall cost-effectiveness of the treatment should be viewed in terms of overall cost of treatment and longevity of results. Radiesse economizes the treatment compared to some other fillers because it uses 20 to 30 percent lesser quantity to achieve the same anti-aging effects.

The results with Radiesse facial filler will often last for as much as one year or even more. Most hyaluronic acid based fillers have a longevity of around six months to a year. With repeat treatments in the long run, the costs of Radiesse may be more economical in comparison to other fillers and other facial cosmetic dermatology treatments.

Financial Stipulations

The sticker price of Radiesse filler treatment can vary from one dermatology practice to another to some extent due to several factors. Practice location can make a difference because the cost of living index in different regions may vary.

The skills and experience of the dermatologist at a particular practice, and the quality and services they offered may also influence the costs to some extent. Each patient may have different requirements, and the dollar figure may be charged on a per syringe basis or per hour basis, depending on the pricing policy of the practice.

Sometimes the manufacturer or the dermatology practice may be offering a special rebate or discount, which could make the treatment cheaper for a limited time period. The pillar of the community Texas Surgical Dermatology receives patients from Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and other suburbs and neighborhoods in The Lone Star State for Radiesse.

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