Houston Dermatologist FAQ: What causes birthmarks and can you remove them? 

Birthmark Causes & Removal

birthmark-457x630 Houston Dermatologist FAQ: What causes birthmarks and can you remove them?  Houston DermatologistAny type of spot, bump, or mark that exists at or around the time of a child’s birth on the skin is called a birthmark. These lesions often end up compromising the aesthetic appearance of an individual in the future. But it is possible to remove most types of birthmarks with advanced non-surgical treatments. 

Texas Surgical Dermatology, led by board certified dermatologist Dr. Tri H. Nguyen provides birthmark removal procedures to patients in Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and surrounding communities.  

Causes of Birthmarks 

Birthmarks usually occur because of defective cell migration at the time of fetal development. When these cells begin to multiply, they will produce tissue that has similar characteristics as their cell type. However, the tissue will typically be present in a new location.  

Birthmarks can be segregated according to their composition. If the mark appears due to excessive melanin accumulation, it is known as a pigmented birthmark. A vast majority of these marks are in shades of black and brown. Other birthmarks are of a lighter shade than the surrounding skin because a lack of melanin. 

Another category of birthmarks is vascular birthmarks, which are composed of blood vessels. These marks are usually purple, blue or red in color. Some birthmarks are composed of epidermal tissue, breast tissue, lymphatic tissue, and these are usually yellow or skin-colored. Birth trauma may sometimes leave a scar, which could be interpreted as a birthmark. 


Both vascular and pigmented birthmarks can now be treated. The treatment approach will depend on the type of tissue involves and the patient’s personal cosmetic needs. An experienced dermatologist can provide effective treatments to resolve certain types of vascular birthmarks. In general, the birthmark removal techniques involve targeted elimination of the defective cells that are involved in the birthmark.  

Laser Removal of Birthmarks 

Laser treatments are one of the most effective non-surgical solutions to remove unsightly birthmarks on your skin, such as black or brown spots and vascular lesions (which appear in the form of red or pink marks). Vascular lesions include port wine stains and haemangiomas (strawberry naevus).  

Special laser devices can be applied to safely reduce or remove marks, spots, and lesions (areas of abnormal tissue). The laser beam will target the pigment (color) or blood vessels, and disintegrate them with controlled heat energy. The lesion will get treated as the pigment or blood vessels are eliminated.  

High precision laser treatments from an experienced dermatologist will ensure that no lasting damage occurs to the surrounding healthy tissue.  

Things to Note for Laser Treatments 

  • Laser therapy can be used to treat various types of skin conditions in children, such as port wine stains or haemangiomas. 
  • Laser treatments can mostly be performed only using a local anesthetic topical cream, which will numb the affected site. The child will feel no discomfort. Depending on the situation, a child may be administered mild sedation to keep them completely comfortable. 
  • The treated site may be slightly swollen, sore or blistered following the laser treatment. But the condition will rapidly resolve by itself.  

Board certified dermatologist Dr. Tri H. Nguyen receives patients from Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and nearby areas for birthmark treatment. 

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