Houston Dermatologist FAQ: What is Actinic Keratosis?

An actinic keratosis (AK), or solar keratosis, is a crusty, scaly growth which develops due to the damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure. AKs

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Houston Dermatologist FAQ: How Can You Treat or Remove Acne Scars?

Acne scars can have an adverse effect on an otherwise appealing face. If left untreated, these scars can remain for a lifetime. Certain types of

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How to remove or prevent fine lines on your face

What Causes Fine Lines and Wrinkles? Exposure to the sun, free radicals through pollution or smoke Smoking Repetitive facial movements and expressions Age. As we age,

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Houston Dermatologist FAQ: What causes acne?

Various factors can lead to acne or undesirable blemishes on the face. It is usually common for acne breakouts to occur at a younger age. 

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Houston Dermatologist FAQ: What is Acanthosis nigricans?

Acanthosis nigricans refers to a fairly common skin pigmentation disorder. The most notable indication of this condition is dark skin patches with a thick, velvety

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Atypical Moles

Are Atypical Moles Cancer? Atypical moles appear unusual and are typically benign (non-cancerous). They are also called dysplastic nevi (the plural of “nevus,” or mole).

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Cold Urticaria: Welts on Skin Due to Cold Temperature Could be Hives

Do you develop an itchy rash or welts after you come in from the cold, specifically on the skin that clothing did not cover? Does

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Houston Dermatologist FAQ: Reasons Your Skin Itches Uncontrollably And How to Get Relief

Chickenpox, mosquito bites, and poison ivy are not the only causes of itchy skin. The skin can develop an itch due to a variety of

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Houston Dermatologist FAQ: Ways to Get Relief From Chronic Hives

A dermatologist can often diagnose hives by looking at the skin. However, it can be challenging to determine the cause of hives.  This is particularly

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What is scalp psoriasis?

Psoriasis can develop anywhere on the skin. When it occurs on the scalp, it is known as scalp psoriasis. Psoriasis commonly develops on the scalp. 

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