How To Prepare For Your Skin Cancer Screening

40-year-old-woman-300x200 How To Prepare For Your Skin Cancer Screening Houston DermatologistSkin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the world, and the number of people diagnosed with it continues to rise every year. Early detection is key to successful treatment, so it’s important to get screened regularly. Texas Surgical Dermatology, led by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Tri H. Nguyen, provides skin cancer screenings to patients in Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and surrounding locations.

The Importance of Being Screened for Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a serious condition that can be life-threatening if left untreated. It’s important to be screened regularly so that any potential issues can be caught early and treated promptly. Skin cancer screening is a simple process that can be done by a dermatologist or other healthcare professional. During the screening, the healthcare professional will examine your skin for any unusual moles or growths that could be cancerous.

The American Cancer Society recommends that people get a skin cancer screening at least once a year, especially if they have a history of skin cancer or have a lot of moles on their body. People with fair skin, light-colored hair, and a history of sunburns or tanning bed use are also at a higher risk for skin cancer and should be screened regularly.

What to Expect During Your Skin Cancer Screening

When you arrive for your skin cancer screening, you’ll be asked to remove your clothing and put on a gown. The healthcare professional will then examine your skin from head to toe, looking for any suspicious moles or growths. They may use a special magnifying glass called a dermatoscope to get a closer look at any moles or growths that look suspicious.

If the healthcare professional finds a suspicious mole or growth, they may perform a biopsy to determine if it’s cancerous. This involves removing a small piece of the mole or growth and sending it to a laboratory for analysis. If the biopsy comes back positive for cancer, the healthcare professional will discuss treatment options with you.

How To Perform a Self Exam

In addition to getting screened regularly by a healthcare professional, it’s also important to perform self-exams at home. This can help you catch any potential issues early and get treatment promptly. To perform a self-exam, follow these steps:

  • Stand in front of a full-length mirror and examine your entire body, including your scalp, face, neck, chest, arms, hands, abdomen, buttocks, legs, and feet.
  • Look for any moles or growths that are asymmetrical, have irregular borders, are more than one color, are larger than a pencil eraser, or have changed in size or appearance.
  • Use a handheld mirror to examine hard-to-see areas, such as your scalp and the bottoms of your feet.
  • If you find a mole or growth that looks suspicious, make an appointment with a healthcare professional for a screening.

Schedule a Screening

If you haven’t had a skin cancer screening in a while, or if you notice any moles or growths that look suspicious during a self-exam, it’s important to schedule a screening with a healthcare professional. You can ask your primary care physician for a referral to a dermatologist or other healthcare professional who specializes in skin cancer.

When scheduling your screening, be sure to ask if there are any specific instructions you need to follow beforehand. For example, some healthcare professionals may ask you to avoid wearing makeup or using certain skincare products on the day of your screening.

Early detection is key to successful treatment, and getting screened regularly can help catch any potential issues early. Don’t wait – take action today to protect your skin and your health. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Tri H. Nguyen, provides skin cancer screenings to patients in Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and surrounding locations.

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