Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Procedure Steps

botox-before-and-after-photo-300x224 Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Procedure Steps Houston DermatologistBotox injections are based on a potent biological substance called botulinum toxin. This popular anti-aging cosmetic dermatology procedure is designed to mitigate mild signs of aging from the face and restore a youthful look. At the time of Botox consultation, the provider will explain the steps involved in this treatment.

It will typically take about 15 to 20 minutes to administer the Botox injections in the provider’s office. Most patients can simply return to their regular routine after the treatment.

Outstanding and percipient board certified dermatologists Dr. Tri H. Nguyen and Dr. George Hughes III provide Botox injections to patients in Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and surrounding communities and neighborhoods in this region of the country.


Learn about Botox

The very first step for a patient, even before they choose a Botox treatment provider, should be to familiarize themselves with the Botox injection treatment. They may read about it on a few authentic medical websites or talk to other patients who have undergone Botox procedure in the past. With a fair understanding of the procedure, the patient will be in a better position to make the right choice.


Select a Provider

Once the patient has made up their mind to undergo Botox cosmetic dermatology procedure, they should select a qualified provider and a practice that is well-equipped to deliver Botox injections in a safe and professional environment. The practice should preferably be headed by board certified dermatologists who will adopt high quality standards and best practices and follow complete safety protocols.


Information Disclosure

During the pre-treatment Botox consultation, the patient should be ready to disclose relevant information that the provider may seek. If the patient has undergone Botox injections in the previous six months, they should inform the provider. They should also disclose if they have had any side effects of Botox in the past, or are currently using any allergy drugs, sleeping pills or muscle relaxants.  

Patients who are taking blood thinners such as aspirin will have to avoid using them for a few days to minimize the risk of bruising and bleeding. Smokers should be committed to quit the habit for at least a specified number of days as advised by the Botox provider.


Botox Appointment

Botox treatment will only take about 15 to 20 minutes. The provider will carefully identify and mark the affected sites. They will apply a mild cleanser to these areas. A topical numbing cream may applied for increased patient comfort, but anesthesia is usually not necessary.

The provider will use a narrow gauge micro-needle to directly inject Botox into the overactive facial muscle that is causing wrinkle formation. One to three injections may be required to treat each individual muscle. Patient will go through minimal discomfort because of the small needle size.


Post-Treatment Care

The provider will give a few simple instructions for post-treatment care that is required in the first few hours following the injections. In any case, most patients can return to their normal routine immediately after the procedure. Board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Hughes receive patients from Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and nearby areas for Botox.

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