Botox Injectable Uses and Possible Side Effects

Do you need Botox Injectables?

Many people see deep frown lines when they look in the mirror. To address these lines, many choose to undergo botulinum toxin therapy. Patients are appreciative of the fact that they can resume daily activities right after the procedure. They like that most individuals see results within three to seven days.

A dermatologist can perform this cosmetic dermatology treatment during a single office visit, and the improvements sustain for around three to four days, and sometimes even longer.

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Botox Uses

Dermatologist use botulinum toxin therapy to decrease signs of aging and address a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Botulinum toxin therapy is US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved to treat the below-mentioned dermatologic conditions:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Profuse sweating in the underarms when treatment used on the skin is not as effective

Frequently Asked Questions

What occurs during this procedure?

In this medical spa procedure, a dermatologist injects a tiny amount of purified botulinum toxin. For the treatment of fine line and wrinkles, the dermatologist will inject botulinum toxin into the targeted muscles on the neck or face. This temporarily relaxes the targeted muscles, causing wrinkles and fine lines to diminish. The effect sustains for around three to four months, and at times, even longer.

For the treatment of excessive sweating, a dermatologist injects directly into the underarm skin. A single treatment session can offer up to six months of relief from excessive sweating.

After the treatment, will I lack facial expressions?

Dermatologists want their patients to appear natural. To this end, they inject only enough to weaken and relax targeted muscles without impacting other muscles, which enables patients to maintain their natural facial expressions.

Will I lose my sense of feelings at the site of the injections?

No. This treatment will not impact the patient’s ability to feel.

When can I safely undergo another treatment?

The patient can receive another treatment when the lines and wrinkles or excessive sweating return. Repetitive treatments for lines and wrinkles may cause the muscle to thin, leading to more sustainable outcomes.

Is there downtime involved?

A majority of people resume their routine activities immediately. The patient can apply makeup as soon as they leave the treatment room.

What should I do after the procedure?

The patient will need to take a few precautions to prevent the injected substance from moving to areas where they do not want it:

  • Do not massage or rub the areas of the injections
  • Not press or rub makeup in
  • Wait for two hours before performing any vigorous physical activity, including lifting heaving objects, exercising, and any other physical activity that increases the heart rate

What are the potential side effects?

In case a patient develops side effects from this treatment, they are usually mild and temporary. Most side effects occur due to the injections rather than the botulinum toxin itself. For instance, a patient may occasionally experience bruising. In case this occurs, the bruising lasts for around one week.

Following the injections, people have experienced:

  • Inflammation
  • Soreness
  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Mild headache (which is uncommon)
  • Weakness in an adjacent muscle, causing a temporarily droopy brow or eyelid (which occurs rarely)
  • Signs and symptoms of botulism, including trouble swallowing, breathing, or speaking (extremely rare


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