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Restylane is a sought-after dermal filler injectable treatment that aims to slow down and resolve the effects of aging on the face.shutterstock_92376865-258x300 Restylane Dermal Filler Recovery Houston Dermatologist

Restylane cosmetic dermatology filler is designed to fill in facial creases, wrinkles, and fine lines. In addition, it also moisturizes and lubricates facial skin to enable to it appear softer and more youthful.

During the initial consultation, the injection provider will discuss all aspects of Restylane treatment, including its recovery. Successful board certified dermatologists Dr. Tri H. Nguyen and Dr. George G. Hughes III provide Restylane treatments to patients in Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and other suburbs and towns in this profound region of the US.

Recovery Duration

There is no specific downtime associated with Restylane injections, and patients are usually fine post-treatment. The provider will ask the patient not to touch the injection area to avoid irritation and other problems. The patient may experience mild inflammation, bruising, and pinkness of the skin a few hours after the procedure.

The side effects that manifest at the end of day one will persist over the following four to five days. A majority of patients see the side effects dissipate gradually every day. Using a cold compress can help address these minor side effects.

In case the side effects worsen in the days following this injectable dermatology procedure, the patient should reach out to the dermatologist’s office so that the problem can be resolved promptly.

Towards the end of the week, the side effects of the Restylane injections should have resolved. The aesthetic outcomes become visible at this time. The skin has fewer wrinkles and appears brighter and more youthful.

Minor inflammation may persist in some patients at the end of week one. This is not alarming, and the mild inflammation will dissipate in the following days. Patients will generally enjoy the aesthetic advantages of their Restylane dermal injectable treatment for many months. The treatment provider will offer in-depth information on this aspect during the consultation process.

Restylane Aftercare

The aftercare following Restylane injections is simple and usually does not interfere with the patient’s routine. Patients should avoid excess heat and sunlight because these may increase the inflammation and bruising in the injection area.

During this time, the patient should also avoid laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, laser skin tightening, and other laser treatments as they can cause swelling.

Patients usually experience minimal pain after the treatment. Inflammation is a common complaint in patients after a Restylane procedure. However, this usually resolves on its own in a few days after the injectable treatment. The recovery period varies between patients. But some patients may experience redness and inflammation for a relatively extended period.

The treatment provider will advise the patient to refrain from flexing their facial muscles in the treatment area. Stretching facial muscles can cause disturbance to the filler gel.

It is prudent for the patient to avoid sudden movements in the treated area for the initial 24 hours after the procedure. They may experience mild inflammation, bruising, and pinkness of the skin a few hours after the procedure.

Dedicated dermatologists at Texas Surgical Dermatology receive patients from Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and other communities and neighborhoods in this fine region of America for Restylane filler treatment.

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