“Outstanding surgeon, takes time with patients, caring and friendly staff”

“When I was diagnosed with melanoma in Houston in 2012, based on a biopsy performed by my original dermatologist, he urged me to go to Dr. Nguyen for surgical excision. There were actually 2 melanomas on my left cheek. The larger of the 2 was immediately adjacent to my eyelid and my referring dermatologist was concerned that few surgeons other than Dr. Nguyen had the skill and experience to remove that melanoma without damaging the appearance and function of my left eyelid. I checked the internet for Dr. Nguyen’s academic training, clinical experience and publication history and found them all to be exceptional. (I have a medical research background so I knew what I was looking for.) I went to Dr. Nguyen and he performed Mohs surgery to remove both melanomas. Unfortunately, the melanoma next to my eyelid proved to be invasive and required deep excision. Dr. Nguyen used a very creative technique that left me with only a single faint scar for both melanomas and no tissue deficit despite the deep excision. The surgery was followed by a course of topical chemotherapy. Neither the surgery nor the topical chemotherapy affected the appearance or function of my eyelid. It is now over 5 years since the surgery and I have remained cancer free. He is truly an exceptional surgeon and that is reflected not only in the fact that you have to really look to find my scar, but also by the fact that other surgeons come to study his techniques in person. Dr. Nguyen and his staff were extremely pleasant and friendly throughout my course of therapy and showed sincere interest at every visit. He always took the time to explain what he was planning and to answer all my questions. I could not be more satisfied and gratified with the care I received from Dr. Nguyen and his staff or with the outcome. I strongly recommend Dr. Nguyen to any patient who may require treatment for any kind of skin cancer. ” – M.F.

“high quality service”

“Dr. Tri Nguyen is a gem in my book! I have had multiple Mohs surgeries on my face and Dr. Nguyen is so precise that the surgical sites go totally unnoticed and heal beautifully. Dr. Nguyen has also treated my husband for alopecia with fantastic results.” – B.R.

“Friendly and competent.”

“It was a great experience to go to Dr. Nguyen. Being a little scared to have the cancer on my nose removed, I found him and his staff friendly and very caring. As the procedure was done I was constantly comforted by his nurses and staff. The results were great, people can’t even tell I had the cancer removed. I have recommended Dr. Nguyen to people I recently met and also have found out neighbors that go to him that fell the same way. Thank you Dr. Nguyen.” – G.W.

“great experience and great outcome for Mohs surgery with Dr. Nguyen”

“When it comes to the very best dermatological care, Dr. Nguyen is unsurpassed. He is the best–highly skilled surgeon, perfectionist, great communicator, and simply kind, compassionate, and dedicated. Dr. Nguyen performed Mohs surgery and a forehead flap–reconstructive surgery, as I had cancer on the side of my nose. Dr. Nguyen is unparalleled.” – B.G.

“Definitely tops in my book”

“I had a lesion on the back of my calf which caused me some concern. Dr Tri Nguyen inspected it, determined that it was benign and simply due to dryness as well as circulation not being optimal in the area. The treatment he prescribed was efficacious and took care of the problem. On another occasion I went to him for varicose veins that caused swelling in my ankle area. Dr Nguyen went to great length to show me the problem areas by means of an ultrasound so that I was able to follow his explanations. He is an approachable person who cares for his patients, and responsive to any questions. A wonderful human being.” – L.D.

“Extremely skilled and experienced MOHS surgeon ,professional, caring, friendly”

“My husband, Fred, has been a patient of Dr. Nguyen since 2008, when Dr. Nguyen was the Director of the MOHS Surgery program and Dermasurgery at MD Anderson Hospital.Dr. Nguyen is, by far, the best MOHS surgeon that Fred has experienced,and he has experienced many doctors for his advanced skin cancer! Naturally, when Dr. Nguyen left MD Anderson, we “Googled” to discover where his practice was located, and we followed him to NWDC, where Fred became one of his most frequently seen patients. We highly recommend him, based on our experiences, and his office staff and nurses were also excellent. We look forward to being his patients again in his new location. I, also, was a patient of Dr. Nguyen in 2014 for surgery for venous reflux from varicose veins. I had very good results, after some initial difficulties because of sensitivity to the solution that was used. This should not reflect on Dr. Nguyen’s expertise, as I have sensitivities to numerous medications.. I continue to have very good results two years later, and I would definitely recommend him for this procedure, also.” – F.P.


“Dr. Nguyen is the best, very courteous, genuine makes you feel like you are with an “old friend “. You look forward to your next visit because of the service you receive. I can’t say enough good things about him. Highly recommend him!” – L.F.

“Great staff and experience”

“Dr. Nguyen and his staff were very professional and friendly. Dr. Nguyen was very through with his examination and very detailed in his conclusions for the procedure that he was going to recommend. He explained that the area on my next was to large to repair in one visit and it would take two visits to repair the basil cell damage behind my left ear. The 8 hour surgeries went well and Dr. Nguyen’s stitching process has left a non-noticeable scar. After he reopens his new office, my wife and I will become patients of his and will recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent dermatologist doctor or surgeon.” – D.S.

“Pinnacle of Dermatologic Expertise and Human Compassion”

“As a maxillofacial surgeon practicing for 32 years and due to this accrued knowledge and experience, I am a respectful but critical and discerning patient. My first encounter with Dr. Nguyen in 2009 was as a patient with a malignancy on my face requiring a large excision and reconstruction. Knowing what was in store, I researched Dr. Nguyen by polling his esteemed dermatologic colleagues from across the United States and their unanimous recommendations kept pointing to him. It so happened that any dermatologic surgeons in the USA was made available to me, but I chose Dr. Nguyen to work on my face. It was the best decision I made. His work is meticulous, his knowledge impressive (he has written several textbooks on the subject), and his concern/empathy are genuine. Since that time over the years, I have had Dr. Nguyen perform other Mohs surgery and subsequent skin grafting. All my results have been amazing. Numerous plastic surgeon colleges of mine and other maxillofacial surgeons have commented on the amazing job he performed. In closing, this is the first time in my career that I have found a clinician who so epitomizes what every medical and dental profession should strive to become. Dr. Tri Nguyen is skilled, experienced, manually dexterous, amiable, empathetic and genuinely concerned about his patients.” – G.C.

“Highly knowledgeable, trustworthy, compassionate and polite.”

“Dr Nguyen exceeds a 5 STAR Rating!!! His knowledge is beyond compare. He is gentle, caring, polite and kind in all aspects of his practice. I have had a melanoma and basal cell cancer (on my left lower lip that left absolutely no visible scar) surgeries performed Dr Nguyen. I was given the absolute best care anyone could ask for with compassion and trustworthiness. It is my pleasure to have him as my doctor. Dr Nguyen has been mine and my families Dermatologist for over 7 years and will continue to be for the years to come. Thank you Dr Nguyen!!!” – C.K.

“Love this place.”

“Not just the doctor but the entire staff! Can’t wait until I have another problem and have to return! So excited. Had so much fun with the nurses and the doctor!” – U.C.

“he was so genuine in his concern for me”

“Upon calling Dr. Nguyen he informed me that he was in the process of having his office built and was unable to take clients at this time. He was very kind, patient and understanding when I explained my medical problem. He took my information and promised he would email me with 4 other Dr.’s he had either worked with or trained that would be more than capable to take care of me. Also telling me to be sure to tell them he had sent me so they would take extra special care. As promised later that day I indeed received an email listing the Dr.’s. I am sorry he isn’t available now for me to see him, he was so genuine in his concern for me. I would highly recommend him when his office opens in 2016.” – A.L.

“He was very happy with him and he will definitely go back.”

“My husband saw Dr. Nguyen for a procedure. He also had a problem with rosacea and he gave him some medication for that.

He was pleased. He was very happy with him and he will definitely go back. He was 100% satisfied. He was very professional and very knowledgeable. He was polite but funny. All the staff was professional and nice. They had an appointment come open and they were able to see him that day. It was really good after care too.” – S.L.


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