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The Story of Our Building

  • Not long ago, where we stand today was a plot of wild grass. The completion of this building a year later is really my American dream come true. When I came to America at 8 years old, I never thought that one day I would be a doctor, let alone raise a building. I owe so much to so many for this beautiful construction. My wife, who gave me the courage, the inspiration, and support. Her touch can be seen in every detail of the interior design. Wells Fargo, for their financial support and confidence in my vision. Jonathan Greene, who drafted the design with CDA Architects and assembled the team that made it happen. Bautex Systems, for the building blocks that make this building unique.
  • In the early phase of our design, we wanted to use building materials that were long- lasting, environmentally friendly, insulating, fire-resistant, and most of all locally made in Texas. We found all of that in Bautex Systems from San Marcos. The Bautex Block, which frames our building’s structure, is an insulated concrete block molded from recycled materials (Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and a proprietary cement-based mix). The block exceeds modern building requirements. It is highly energy efficient, is FEMA hurricane and tornado rated (withstand flying debris over 100 miles/hour), has a four hour fire rating, is mold resistant, and sound insulating.
  • All of this means that we have a quieter, healthier building for our patients and staff.
  • The design also incorporates some Feng Shui elements. If you look closely, you’ll see that the building isn’t rectangular. It is angulated and faces Northwest, my best direction. I love that I can integrate my Vietnamese heritage with modern American engineering.
  • Patients and visitors have all left comments: “elegant, calming, refined, relaxing, classy, beautiful…” I am so grateful to my patients, some of whom have waited over a year to see me. I have patients driving from Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and even North Carolina. What a privilege and honor to have your trust. I hope that you will enjoy our space. We designed it with your comfort in mind.

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